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  1. Posted by odious ,

    Dope asf

  2. Posted by odious ,

    @roast yo what Battle Mercy?

  3. Posted by metro ,


  4. Posted by Aeth ,

    @roast really? Sounds terrible. All the non seniors get out on the 15th june

  5. Posted by roast •,

    19th of june

  6. Posted by roast •,

    @aeth you lucky i got till the 19th

  7. Posted by Aeth ,

    Tomorrow is my last day of highschool

  8. Posted by Aeth ,

    @roast yeah, you joined that one time but I was tired af so I didn’t join for that long

  9. Posted by roast •,

    @aeth i try to join calls once in a while

  10. Posted by roast •,

    @aeth i been alright bruh just hella busy these past few weeks

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