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    @xx_darth_revan_xx ((Hi!))

  2. Posted by xx_darth_revan_xx ,

    @moros_leonhardt I hate Australia))

  3. Posted by fire81704 ,

    “I usually don’t sleep much. Sometimes I hide out here, but sometimes I’m caught and sent back to my cabin. Then I just sit in bed.” @crystal_stone

  4. Posted by crystal_demonwolf ,

    “I’m bored and there’s nothing to do and i don’t want to go to sleep yet..” She says as she starts to toss one of the pebbles for a bit then she throws it at the tree he’s throwing is dagger at. @fire81704

  5. Posted by fire81704 ,

    Fire hits the pebble Witt his hand and looks at her. “So, why are you out here?” Fire turned away and started throwing the dagger at a tree AWAY FROM HER (lol). @crystal_stone

  6. Posted by crystal_demonwolf ,

    Lexi picks up a pebble then she throws it at him and she giggles as she waits for his reaction to the pebble hitting him. She picks up a few more as she sits there. @fire81704

  7. Posted by fire81704 ,

    “Well if they really didn’t like it, then they can come tell me.”He said as he looked around at some of the surrounding trees and grinned. @crystal_stone

  8. Posted by crystal_demonwolf ,

    “No... I usually don’t and if i did I wouldn’t use living things to train with..” She walks over to a fallen tree and she sits down on it. @fire81704

  9. Posted by fire81704 ,

    @crystal_stone “Well... no...” Fire said with a puzzled look. “Don’t you ever do this? Train, take out your anger?”

  10. Posted by crystal_demonwolf ,

    “What are you doing?... What did the tree do to you?...” She says quietly as she stands a few feet away from him and she looks at the tree. @fire81704

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