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    (I hate australia?)

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    Hello gods and goddess

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    @crystal_stone @xx_darth_revan_xx @fire81704 *^

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    Moros walked into camp , not remembering who he was due to his father experimenting to see what would happen if he was integrated into camp half blood. His father had taken his memories and made new ones for him then sent him to camp half blood.

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    @xx_darth_revan_xx hi))

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    @xx_darth_revan_xx ((Hi!))

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    @moros_leonhardt I hate Australia))

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    “I usually don’t sleep much. Sometimes I hide out here, but sometimes I’m caught and sent back to my cabin. Then I just sit in bed.” @crystal_stone

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    “I’m bored and there’s nothing to do and i don’t want to go to sleep yet..” She says as she starts to toss one of the pebbles for a bit then she throws it at the tree he’s throwing is dagger at. @fire81704

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