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  1. Posted by epic67814 ,

    Hello? Anyone alive in here?))

  2. Posted by epic67814 ,

    Any admin/owner active currently?))

  3. Posted by epic67814 ,

    Hey can I get in pls?))

  4. Posted by _alison_ ,

    One of you guys should make a remake of this chat see if it works out, oh and if you do decide to make a remake tag me please\\

  5. Posted by _alison_ ,

    Huh this chat seems so cool tbh\\

  6. Posted by crystal_stone ,

    @lady_triss_merigold ((true))

  7. Posted by cehmacc15 ,

    @crystal_stone Not much to do...

  8. Posted by crystal_stone ,

    @moros_leonhardt @lady_triss_merigold @shisui23 ((You guys still alive?))

  9. Posted by crystal_stone ,

    @moros_leonhardt She cuddles against him even more and she moves her arm again making her wince once more.

  10. Posted by moros_leonhardt ,

    @crystal_stone He looks at her arm “ hmm”

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