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  1. Posted by Issei_the_red_dragon_emperor !,

    @knuckles_boom this dick?

  2. Posted by Issei_the_red_dragon_emperor !,

    @marshmellowッ any reason why?

  3. Posted by skierrybo ,


  4. Posted by Knuckles_Boom ,

    Know what else you can see?

  5. Posted by gorillazzz ,

    Blizzard needs to kill itself

  6. Posted by secret_seller ,

    You rarely get to see the whole thing.

  7. Posted by secret_seller ,

    That shit is impressive

  8. Posted by secret_seller ,

    I mean look.

  9. Posted by Issei_the_red_dragon_emperor !,

    @roro lol

  10. Posted by secret_seller ,

    And being able to see more of the Leviathan itself with an unobstructed view too. Or mostly unobstructed view

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