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  1. Posted by cutiecommander ,

    (Sorry cooking)

  2. Posted by cutiecommander ,

    Junkrat was many things. But organized he was not. He had frantically made his way to the academy,his tie was a mess, shirt untucked, and hair bairely brushed. He made it to school a little earlier than he had expected.

  3. Posted by thenerdistfoxboy21 ,

    @cutiecommander :3)

  4. Posted by cutiecommander ,

    @ethan_the_half_dragon roger!)

  5. Posted by thenerdistfoxboy21 ,

    Go ahead! Please!)

  6. Posted by cutiecommander ,

    @ethan_the_half_dragon i was waiting for someome to post tbh wasnt sure if it be okay to start it myself?)

  7. Posted by thenerdistfoxboy21 ,

    I just want this to start and not die... There are no good overwatch rps left...I had hopes for this one)

  8. Posted by merc_with_a_mouta_91 ,

    @cutiecommander @_death_stranding_ oh well give me a minute))

  9. Posted by cutiecommander ,

    @_death_stranding_ awesome illlink ya!! @wargod_mars for which thibg lol also hello)

  10. Posted by Billford_cipher !,

    @wargod_mars I warn you.. there is a salty person that doesn't want any one to join ))

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