66 Messages  |  4 PEOPLEOuran high school 2018 come in and role play we are in need of characters DF

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    @tweety sounds like a great idea

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    "I already know what food we should have, all of of school be cake"

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    @kittyboy hey how are you doing? Welcome

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    @tweety yes we will need to decide on what kind of food to serve our guest. -pulls out my tablet for planning-

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    @_rosalie_blackrose_ hey sis I’m now role playing kyoya I changed it I’m still doing Kaname to if you like ouran high school host club you can join us

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    Honey nods as he sits down in the chair again, "so let's get planing this ball" she says shoving another piece of cake into his mouth and smiling

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    @kaname_kyoya777 huh?))

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    @tweety oh just some business papers

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