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  1. Posted by iheartouranhighhostclub ,

    Hi can I join in

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  4. Posted by shizuko_kun ,

    @palaidia Hehe, wanna to with me? And honestly, ive never seen the anime this chat us based off))

  5. Posted by Palaidia ,

    @shizuko_orimura yay!)

  6. Posted by shizuko_kun ,

    @palaidia HI and yes u may))

  7. Posted by fallen_angel_220 ,

    @palaidia @shizuko_orimura @sock @_yumi_ @mav @mxtthew Hey if anyone wants to be one of the twins for a twins x two of characters then DM me

  8. Posted by Palaidia ,

    Hi may I join?)

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  10. Posted by sock ,

    *extends hand as these funk assed rose petals fly around the room like one of those grab a dollar machines at chuck-e-cheese's* Welcome to the Ouran Academy's very own host club!

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