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    As the two friends opened the door, Max stepped back and let the two walk out, before the door swung closed. Max slowly approached the two from behind, before he grabbed them and called into his radio link. "Mother. I have them in custody." Max spoke. @trashprince @bloodfeather

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    Adrian figured she had drank more than whiskey. Alcohol didn’t make someone so violently ill. “Sure, And don’t worry about it” Adrian said with a small smile before standing up, helping Fawkes to her feet. He didn’t mind letting Fawkes stay at his place. It wouldn’t have been the first time and besides, she was one of his closest friends and friends helped each other out. @bloodfeather

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    "Tina," Thia lied. Despite his obvious attempt to give her space, she still didn't trust him. This may be a Utopian society, but something about the simple perfection still put her on edge. Hence the brass knuckles. She tried to recall of she'd seen male students at the university before. That did her little good as her nose was always in a book or some research paper. She honestly couldn't say how many students were in any of her classes, if there were any at all. Thia nodded by way of dismissal and hurried back to her dorm room. She kept the brass knuckles firmly over her fist the entire walk. She locked 2 of the 4 locks and breathed a sigh of relief as she stepped back from the door. @bloodfeather

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    //back-ish. Sorry//

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    @trashprince okay. Good night.))

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    I just got the message lol. Geeking is weird. Besides I’m still working on history homework and then I’m going to bed. Night @bloodfeather //

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    @trashprince Fawkes smiled softly and grabbed his forearm affectionately as she vomited once more. She groaned and wiped her mouth with the back of her other hand. "Adrian, we have to get out of here.." she groaned. "This is more than the whiskey..." she winced. At this point all that she was puking up was stomach acids. "Take me to you place... I'll be gone tomorow I just.." she gagged mid explanation. "I just need you to make sure I don't turn blue.." she finished and got up to stumble towards the sink.

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    Adrian let out a sigh and nodded, even though Fawkes wouldn’t see it. It wasn’t an irritated sigh. Just a sigh. “Alright, I’m on my way” he said before hanging up and shoving his phone in his pocket. He left his bedroom and grabbed his keys off the kitchen counter, heading out the door. Adrian was at the club in no more than five minutes, slightly out of breath as he had half ran there. It didn’t take long to get in. All he had to do was show the woman at the entrance his ID and he was in. Adrian searched for the bathroom, trying to avoid getting sucked into the sea of hot bodies, alcohol, and loud music. Once he found it, he shoved past the crowd of people, muttering “excuse me” and “sorry.” Adrian found Fawkes in the single stalled bathroom in the back of the club and immediately ran over to her, kneeling down next to her. “Hey, I’m here” he assured her, seeing she was kneeled over the toilet. She might’ve drank too much. Adrian didn’t know too much about drinking. He wasn’t a huge fan of it, but he did know how to treat a hangover. @bloodfeather

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    @trashprince Fawkes tried her best to say that there was something in her drink. "I'm.. in the b..bathroom at the Neo downtown.. big party.. I'm not oh.." she gagged. "Can you come here?" She asked quickly. She didn't really trust anyone else to actually help her. All her friends were druggies and weirdoes, besides Adrian. Adrian was a good person. Fawkes' only real friend too.

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    Adrian was about to get ready to step in the shower when his phone went off. He quickly picked it up, seeing it was Fawkes’s number. “Hello? Fawkes?” His friend’s slurred voice on the other end of the line worried him. Fawkes was one of Adrian’s closest friends and the only person he trusted with anything. “Where are you? What’s going on?” He asked urgently. @bloodfeather

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