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  1. Posted by timelordfangirl ,

    He picked out a small serrated knife, some morphine and the cloth, a small, black handgun.

  2. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    He chuckles, plopping onto the sofa with his tea.

  3. Posted by timelordfangirl ,

    "I'm clean-" he shrugged and left the room, strolling into he cabinet where he kept his weapons.

  4. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    "Good. Give me a report when it's done." He nods and walks off, "And don't leave any evidence!"

  5. Posted by timelordfangirl ,

    "Yeah, well," he shrugged off his attitude and looked down at him, "I'm going to go chill for a bit then go out and kill a shit bag-"

  6. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    He laughs softly, "Yeah, I suppose I am. Huh." He shrugs, "I don't give a fuck."

  7. Posted by timelordfangirl ,

    "Not to be rude-" he smirked "-Sir-" he added "but, you kinda are" he jumped down from the counter he was sat on

  8. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    "Hey, what does that mean?" He pouts gently, mockingly, "I'm not a whore."

  9. Posted by timelordfangirl ,

    "Bless. How innocent of you- I really don't believe you" he shrugged "but if your really say so" he laughs, thinking to when he's seen his boss with the other men.

  10. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    "What gave you that impression?" He chuckles, humourlessly. "Because I most certainly do not. I mean, I hold the power but I don't do the fucking."

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