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  1. Posted by Xylo ,

    @yohance That’s incredibly flattering. I tend to be on the busier side between university, work and the group I do have. I’m not unknown to take on other stories, though. I’m far from being the most knowledgeable writer around these parts, but I do like to help people with their writing as much as I can, if they’re interested.

  2. Posted by thomas_ ,

    @one_way_road I have been struggling to establish that. I've also got a closed group but I am much older than them and it shows in the writing. I am asking these questions because your writing is so good, I'd love to roleplay with you in future and perhaps learn from you.

  3. Posted by Xylo ,

    @yohance Generally group role plays, but it’s hard to find the right combination of people for those. I’ve been doing role plays within a closed group of people for several years now because we know our writing has chemistry.

  4. Posted by thomas_ ,

    @one_way_road Do you prefer group or 1x1 rp?

  5. Posted by Xylo ,

    @yohance Depends. I’ll write just about anything, aside from romance, it’s just a matter of if the plot, characters and writing styles keep my interest. Not necessarily about genre. ||

  6. Posted by thomas_ ,

    @one_way_road What kind of content are you normally interested in?

  7. Posted by Xylo ,

    @yohance Ah, thank you. Though, my writing is only the quality I’m willing to put out if I’m interested in the content.

  8. Posted by thomas_ ,

    @one_way_road Your writing is too good to just leave like this

  9. Posted by Xylo ,

    I’ve lost momentum with this myself. And I won’t be free for a while anyway with midterms coming up. Feel free to continue with out me. @malo_and_ick is at work right now but I think they’ll be willing to continue when they get off. ||

  10. Posted by thomas_ ,

    I just re-read what I wrote and realised I misphrased. I meant; can we continue and vindex can join in when he's free?

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