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  1. Posted by longdongdante ,


  2. Posted by nanika ,

    I prefer Lucio or Zenny when I’m support. We are like an unstoppable duo!

  3. Posted by nanika ,


  4. Posted by leonbluenose ,

    My friend mains mercy

  5. Posted by nanika ,

    What are you implying ? 👀

  6. Posted by nanika ,

    @skeletonman Haha... I mean... I’m support... soooooo

  7. Posted by littlepootis ,

    It’s all support now

  8. Posted by littlepootis ,

    Yes @nanika yes they are. Some say a few of them are still out there.. but I believe that’s just a myth

  9. Posted by nanika ,

    Haha 😂

  10. Posted by cosmo ,

    Go change your diapers

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