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  1. Posted by pennyメ ,

    No thanks

  2. Posted by medicメ ,

    I zhink you are delusional, fräulein. Do you need medical attention?

  3. Posted by pennyメ ,


  4. Posted by medicメ ,

    Vhat is a Pikachu?

  5. Posted by pennyメ ,

    It's a Pikachu

  6. Posted by bleuツ ,

    Big oof

  7. Posted by longdongdante ,

    That’s a rip

  8. Posted by bleuツ ,

    I would love to play but I’m at my mums 😪

  9. Posted by longdongdante ,

    Plus it’s double blood points weekend so ima grind

  10. Posted by longdongdante ,

    I’m at 3k/9k so I’m getting there

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