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  1. Posted by longdongdante ,

    Anyone wanna play roblox

  2. Posted by scout_5 ,

    @icarusmadeitguys i join an lfg with 3 tanks and 2 healers and one cocky ass insta lock dps saying low plats carry i sent him a screenshot with all golds as just rein all game and he replied fuck off

  3. Posted by longdongdante ,

  4. Posted by icantnamethangs ,

    Reinhardt mains are a gift from God so somebody get this man a Reinhardt skin

  5. Posted by scout_5 ,

    Im actually really angry jeff left him in the dust for skins

  6. Posted by scout_5 ,


  7. Posted by icantnamethangs ,

    My main got a skin with retribution so I'm pretty happy

  8. Posted by icantnamethangs ,

  9. Posted by scout_5 ,

    Im upset my main hasnt got a skin since uprising last year.

  10. Posted by longdongdante ,

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