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  1. Posted by dayhen ,

    @shadow_rawr not interested))

  2. Posted by arvivo ,

    Name: Steve Anderson Gender: Male Age: 26 Personality: Hot headed, Mouthful, cocky Likes: Participating, damaging weapons, order. Fears: Bees, fast enemies, Mafia Traits: wielding a shotgun, endurance and strength Role: Cop

  3. Posted by shadow_rawr ,

    What they say??

  4. Posted by dayhen ,

    @shadow_rawr I tried promoting to a little group of friends I have))

  5. Posted by shadow_rawr ,

    @dayhen we need more people ))

  6. Posted by dayhen ,

    @shadow_rawr so when we starting?))

  7. Posted by shadow_rawr ,

    @arvivo yes. Bio and pic pleaSe))

  8. Posted by arvivo ,

    May I?))

  9. Posted by arvivo ,

    I wish to play the human who does not know.

  10. Posted by arvivo ,

    I can't tell it here check your dm. please accept me cause I am having a brain orgasm for this rp.

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