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  1. Posted by brad19 J,

    It’s better in the dark 🍄))

  2. Posted by elliesim ,

    Name James Nygma Age 18 World DC Parent Edward Nygma Oswald Cobblepot Appearance Hair Black Eyes Hazel Tattoos A penguin and a question mark on his ankles Dimples Yes Powers none Likes Reading and learning and fighting Dislikes Batman and idiots Quotes any riddles

  3. Posted by luicfer ,

    First Name: Jason Last Name: brock Aliases/Nicknames: Jay, jase, venom Age: 22 Zodiac: Aires Birthday: 03 27 95 Gender: male S/O: Straight Status: single Blood Type: A Species alien Allergies: none Mental health: none Disabilities: manic depression psychotic bi polar Dominant Hand: right Birthplace: Chicago Current Residence: usa Nationality: American Languages:English Accent: American Height: height Weight: 175 Build: athletic Skin Tone:white Eye Color: blue Hair Color: black Markings/Tattoos: none Piercings/Scars:none none Dimples: none Clothing Style: none Personality: aggressive ruthless sweet nice kind can be nice sarcastic Habit: Crime Hobbies: • drinking • smoking • violence • fighting Powers: venom Parents: dead Occupation villain

  4. Posted by kylie3467 ,

    Shoot me a bio

  5. Posted by luicfer ,

    Its better in the dark 🍄

  6. Posted by kylie3467 ,

    Name Age World Parent Appearance Powers Likes Dislikes Quotes Bio

  7. Posted by elliesim ,

    Ok but i but I can't copy and paste from the aa

  8. Posted by kylie3467 ,

    It’s in the aa

  9. Posted by elliesim ,

    So can I have a bio template

  10. Posted by kylie3467 ,


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