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  1. Posted by milaki ,

    @haruhi_ohhc @aruku_shibito looks up at both of you and shrugs*

  2. Posted by haruhi_ohhc ,

    @aruku_shibito *looks at you then looks away*

  3. Posted by demonking13 ,

    "Do you need something?"

  4. Posted by demonking13 ,

    @milaki "r u ok?"

  5. Posted by haruhi_ohhc ,

    @milaki goes over to you*

  6. Posted by haruhi_ohhc ,

    @magedon careful

  7. Posted by haruhi_ohhc ,

    @aruku_shibito ok*

  8. Posted by milaki ,

    *i hide my face with my knees*

  9. Posted by demonking13 ,


  10. Posted by demonking13 ,

    Okey I'm down for that))

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