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  1. Posted by mason_king ,

    @lovebunnykillers so much too

  2. Posted by mason_king ,

    @lovebunnykillers I love you too

  3. Posted by lovebunnykillers ,

    @mason_king mmmm I so much I love you 💘

  4. Posted by mason_king ,

    @lovebunnykillers sticks tongue into her mouth as she bites my lip *

  5. Posted by lovebunnykillers ,

    @mason_king bites your lip· yeah Hehe

  6. Posted by mason_king ,

    @lovebunnykillers smiles * yes ma'am * continued to kiss her neck *

  7. Posted by lovebunnykillers ,

    @mason_king no stop yes like kiss neck

  8. Posted by mason_king ,

    @lovebunnykillers stops then looks at her* do u want to take it a step farther or you want me to keep kissing your neck ? If you don't want to its fine.

  9. Posted by lovebunnykillers ,

    @mason_king mmm *giggles*

  10. Posted by mason_king ,

    @lovebunnykillers slowly starts kissing her neck again*

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