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  1. Posted by Leon_the_neko ,

    @woahitskoi *smiles* I love u so much too

  2. Posted by nxggasteph ,

    @leon_the_neko Looks at you smiling walking behind you hugging you tightly "i love you so much"

  3. Posted by Leon_the_neko ,

    @woahitskoi I got the back wheels off

  4. Posted by nxggasteph ,

    @leon_the_neko She walked to the garage in her pjs crossing her arms walking over to you

  5. Posted by paint_in_black ,

    @emilia_chan Y-yo he turns red Red means in love

  6. Posted by olivia_neko ,


  7. Posted by Leon_the_neko ,

    @woahitskoi *kisses u back and goes to the garage*

  8. Posted by nxggasteph ,

    @leon_the_neko "K babe" kisses you deeply getting up out of bed lifting up my shirt looking in the mirror

  9. Posted by Leon_the_neko ,

    @woahitskoi just roll the tires to the spots and I'll do the rest

  10. Posted by nxggasteph ,

    @leon_the_neko "Ill be fine babe its a small bump now nothing big yet* rubs my tummy gently

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