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  1. Posted by anointedone ,

    @sp00pychan ( once again nicely IDC)

  2. Posted by headtwat ,

    @mistsukinara ((That is grapism and I’m reporting you to the grape police.))

  3. Posted by anointedone ,

    @sp00pychan ( To tell you the honest truth not trying to offend you but I don't care)

  4. Posted by headtwat ,

    @mistsukinara ((You don’t understand. 3,:))

  5. Posted by anointedone ,

    Umm okay/

  6. Posted by headtwat ,

    @mistsukinara ((I just want some grapes 3,:))

  7. Posted by anointedone ,

    @sp00pychan I'ma need you to calm down//

  8. Posted by headtwat ,

    @mistsukinara ((I’M HUNGRY. DON’T JUDGE OKAY?))

  9. Posted by anointedone ,

    @sp00pychan Umm?//

  10. Posted by headtwat ,

    @mistsukinara ((~^~))

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