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  1. Posted by markbassplayer_60 ,

    I am a creative, detailed, caring Dom guy searching for an intelligent, literate female for conversation and potentially more. I enjoy getting to know my partner, learning about her, and building tasks and rules just for her. I like coming up with creative ideas that are exciting, challenging, but always realistic and safe. I am experienced (I have trained three subs long-term, and Iā€™m always looking to learn more). I am also rather nerdy, and I adore dumb jokes. If you are intrigued by this post, drop me a message. Happy to talk or even just answer any questions you have.

  2. Posted by xxali_luvs_chuxx ,

    *sits in my little corner wiggling my little toes as i look around for a very dom master to adopt me* Hmmm.. >//~//>

  3. Posted by brethekiller_63 ,


  4. Posted by dom_dominic ,

    Sadistic dom looking for a new sub to humiliate dominate and abuse, a experienced rp or irl play fem preferred, pm back if you can take me. Irl tasks will slowly progress upwards depending on your comfort level. I can instruct you through masturbation and can get you to squirt as well, if anyone just wishes to squirt for once, she can pm me as well..

  5. Posted by MorganAyy ,

  6. Posted by vanscyojr ,

    Looks around

  7. Posted by dom_dominic ,

    @stitch_ohana_means_family then get in the dms hun..

  8. Posted by luna_15 ,

    @dom_dominic No I will rp with you

  9. Posted by dom_dominic ,

    My tastes are a lil bit towards the extreme end, can't really help it..

  10. Posted by dom_dominic ,

    @stitch_ohana_means_family no for the rp then.. šŸ˜

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