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  1. Posted by CuteOwl ,

    If you would like to. Do you have a scenario in mind?

  2. Posted by us3r53440 ,

    @karlssen99 (nothing sexual)

  3. Posted by karlssen99 ,

    @penny_android (a bit of both.)

  4. Posted by CuteOwl ,

    (Or just baby slave lol)

  5. Posted by us3r53440 ,

    @karlssen99 (as in servant or sex slave?)

  6. Posted by CuteOwl ,


  7. Posted by karlssen99 ,

    @penny_android Actually I like having a neko slave.

  8. Posted by us3r53440 ,

    @karlssen99 (ok, i prefer sub, how about an rp where i'm your little girl who you try to potty train in time for preschool?)

  9. Posted by karlssen99 ,

    @penny_android (I don’t normally prefer either.)

  10. Posted by us3r53440 ,

    @cuteowl *boops yours too*

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