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  1. Posted by lilith88 ,

    @kebin the sky maybe

  2. Posted by kebin ,

    @mizore_of_ice Whats up?

  3. Posted by lilith88 ,

    @kebin hello kupo!

  4. Posted by kebin ,

    @mizore_of_ice hewwo

  5. Posted by lilith88 ,

    @foxyecho @kebin hello kupo!

  6. Posted by kebin ,

    @foxyecho not even anything of interest? gaming, art, drawing, idk

  7. Posted by foxyecho ,

    I’m in high school I don’t have a major yet @kebin

  8. Posted by kebin ,

    Ah, what major? @foxyecho

  9. Posted by foxyecho ,

    @kebin yes senior

  10. Posted by kebin ,

    Ooh, chipotle is a tough job ya know. Senior?@foxyecho

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