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  1. Posted by marshMallo ,

    @ambra_thecat "OK"

  2. Posted by ambra_thewise ,

    Brb)) @theshadowwolf

  3. Posted by marshMallo ,

    @ambra_thecat *sits up * say dada Audrey

  4. Posted by ambra_thewise ,

    *sits up* Audrey? Can you say dada? Say dada @theshadowwolf

  5. Posted by marshMallo ,

    @ambra_thecat *hears audrey* aww she's trying to say dada

  6. Posted by ambra_thewise ,

    *giggles and Audrey starts to make noises again trying to say dada* @theshadowwolf

  7. Posted by marshMallo ,

    @ambra_thecat yes it is

  8. Posted by ambra_thewise ,

    *smiles and plays with them too* This is nice @theshadowwolf

  9. Posted by marshMallo ,

    @ambra_thecat you haves us love and we will always he here for you* plays with the babies*

  10. Posted by ambra_thewise ,

    @theshadowwolf Thanks you. I finally have a family *lays on your lap and the babies grab at your clothes through the spaces of the crib*

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