90 Messages  |  5 PEOPLENeko + vampire + demon + dark angel and angel Highschool roleplay (anime picture or regular picture)

  1. Posted by starangegirl223 ,

    @iamonehellofabutler @little_prince_liam that's basically it)

  2. Posted by stage_two_of_gayness ,

    @little_prince_liam I'm not completely caught up myself, but right now its just people meeting each other for the first time at the school. Classes haven't started yet, and dorms haven't been assigned either)

  3. Posted by Little_Prince_Liam ,

    @iamonehellofabutler (okay. Where is everyone and what's happening right now?)

  4. Posted by stage_two_of_gayness ,

    @little_prince_liam Sorry it took so long! Yeah, go ahead and start rping. No need to ask, just jump right in)

  5. Posted by starangegirl223 ,

    @little_prince_liam ok. Are you starting?)

  6. Posted by Little_Prince_Liam ,

    @strangegirl223 (yeah)

  7. Posted by starangegirl223 ,

    @little_prince_liam can I join you?)

  8. Posted by Little_Prince_Liam ,

    @iamonehellofabutler (do we just start?)

  9. Posted by starangegirl223 ,

    @siara_deadwood you have fangs just like me. * I say into my braid hiding my face*

  10. Posted by fangirltrash ,

    @iamonehellofabutler oh my gosh 😂 let me know because I cant read all that))

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