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  1. Posted by us3r53440 ,

    @young_wolf *goes poopies* uh oh...

  2. Posted by rplover94 ,


  3. Posted by edwax ,

    @penny_android I look up at you and i giggle.

  4. Posted by us3r53440 ,

    @young_wolf *giggles*

  5. Posted by edwax ,

    @guardian_angel @penny_android I eat my food in a very sloppy manner. Food goes flying everywhere. "Mmmmm!"

  6. Posted by us3r53440 ,

    @guardian_angel *purrs*

  7. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @penny_android || -smiles back and pets your head- @peppermintスゴㅁㅅㅁ || Yes?

  8. Posted by cinnamonスゴㅁㅅㅁ ,

    @guardian_angel Red...

  9. Posted by us3r53440 ,

    @guardian_angel *drinks it* nya! *smiles*

  10. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @penny_android || -I quickly pick you up and give you a soppy cup with cold milk- here you go kitten

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