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  1. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @missing || Lol//

  2. Posted by Galaxy_lost_soul ,

    Rest in peace.

  3. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @crumbㅁㅅㅁ || I'm doing fine. A little better then before

  4. Posted by bestrakana ,

    @crumbㅁㅅㅁ Boops

  5. Posted by cinnamonスゴㅁㅅㅁ ,

    @guardian_angel Are you feeling okay now...?

  6. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @crumbㅁㅅㅁ || Then I was too broken myself to see that and I'm sorry. But I'm slowly piecing myself together again

  7. Posted by cinnamonスゴㅁㅅㅁ ,

    @guardian_angel I've needed you before...

  8. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @crumbㅁㅅㅁ || I don't know. I guess it only happens when you need me?

  9. Posted by cinnamonスゴㅁㅅㅁ ,

    @guardian_angel Why now, Red... Why not before..?

  10. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @peppermintスゴㅁㅅㅁ || Glad we are in the same page

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