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  1. Posted by us3r53440 ,

    (name kaylee age 3 gender female race neko not housebroken, but willing to try)

  2. Posted by cinnamonスゴ ,

    @guardian_angel I didn't mean to sound like a brat...

  3. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @cinnamonスゴㅁㅅㅁ || No it's okay, it's not my business anyways

  4. Posted by cinnamonスゴ ,

    @guardian_angel Oh...I'm sorry Red...

  5. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @cinnamonスゴㅁㅅㅁ || I don't know, I was just curious

  6. Posted by cinnamonスゴ ,

    @guardian_angel I made a mistake and we talked it out...

  7. Posted by cinnamonスゴ ,

    @guardian_angel Why are you getting involved...?

  8. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    @cinnamonスゴㅁㅅㅁ || Then what?

  9. Posted by cinnamonスゴ ,

    @guardian_angel I...it wasn't what it sounds like...

  10. Posted by guardian_angel ,

    Kissing random people now???

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