38 Messages  |  8 PEOPLENeed someone to play Klaus Mikaelson & someone to play Elijah Mikaelson for my Vampire Diaries rp

  1. Posted by Alex_Holmes ,

    @elijah_kom_trekru can you post in the rp

  2. Posted by elven_prince12 ,

    @elijah_kom_trekru hey

  3. Posted by klausmikaelson_24 ,


  4. Posted by elven_prince12 ,

    I@your_queen I will be Damon

  5. Posted by Alex_Holmes ,

    @elijah_kom_trekru well I a need to so everyone

  6. Posted by klausmikaelson_24 ,

    @your_queen who do you still need?

  7. Posted by elven_prince12 ,

    @your_queen okay

  8. Posted by Alex_Holmes ,

    @elven_prince12 that rp dead but I'm making another TVD rp

  9. Posted by elven_prince12 ,

    Do you need a Damon Salvatore

  10. Posted by Alex_Holmes ,

    @kimpotter hey

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