8 Messages  |  2 PEOPLENeed active weapons for this soul eater rp

  1. Posted by dragonslayer66 ,

    Hello I would love to be a weapon but need a female Meister

  2. Posted by Barkbox64 ,

    @shukine_x06 i tagged you)

  3. Posted by draclena ,

    @barkbox64 No problem, and sure I would be glad to join still.//

  4. Posted by Barkbox64 ,

    @shukine_x06 sorry i never saw your message ill tag you if you're intrested in joining still)

  5. Posted by draclena ,

    I can be a weapon if there is space

  6. Posted by JohnnieD ,

    I'll be a weapon

  7. Posted by Barkbox64 ,

    @magicalnachos13_39 sweet ill tag you

  8. Posted by magicalnachos13_39 ,

    Im interested

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