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    (May I join)

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    @coolzio I hate to bother you but I think you accidently Ignored me, babe <3 ))

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    Misty sat next to Ashlyn and started to eat her breakfast "Anytime love" @coolzio

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    "Thanks."Ashlyn says,smiling.@misty_abigal_briarton__

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    Misty tossed a pack to Ashlyn then brought breakfast over to her

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    Darn It I keep falling asleep before you reply.)) "Sure hun."Ashlyn says,looking out the window."How did these flesh eating pieces of ass come to be?"She asks herself.@misty_abigal_briarton__

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    (Sure your turn) @chernobyl_scientist

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    Back,again.Continue?)) @misty_abigal_briarton__

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