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    @suko sadly mAn, non. Which means based off that fact I'll probably be cancelling this project soon.)

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    Any point to post here? | @unruly_ai

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    @soulless_nero死 you start nord)

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    @unruly_ai meh sure why not)

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    @soulless_nero死 wanna fight with grown up versions of our OC since this is dead

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    @uchihamadana send me a bio)

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    @uchihamadana Send a bio to an admin or the owner. |

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    Yesterday Shiki didn't make any process with her training. Hopefully today is different, She had got up early in the morning. She ate her breafest and afterwards took a nice shower to be clean, She enjoyed baths in all honestly. She is in the training field upper left sector, The body of water is here. There is also a dummy here, maybe she should work on her shuriken training first. She will need the skill if she is to be a grand shinboi one day, plus it wouldn't hurt to train in it. She takes out four shuriken in total, two in each hand. With a calm breath she would begin, For the next four and a half hours she would try to get all four shuriken in the dummies chest. Of course she was doing terrible, she couldn't get it down. It was pissing her off but she didn't let it get to her, instead she kept calm. After the four and a half hours she saw tiny improvement, the Shuriken was going into the dummies shoulders now. Two in each shoulder. She takes a 20 minute break, her lunch is rice balls and sweet tea. After the break She would begin on trying to perform the water wall justu, She will give it her all and not give up. Until evening time she would work on it, she didn't overdo it. Besides she wasn't getting it to work, she couldn't grasp the techinque of it. Upon reaching the evening all she managed to do is move the water in a ripple, it wasn't even a impressive ripple either.

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    As the evening came to a close and the cool spring night air began to creep in, Kyūseishu Jr, or Ai would be standing idle in a meadow. As he'd assume a more stable stance the legs spread shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent with his fore perpendicular from the ground. As a bead of sweat rolled down his face as he stated to concentrate the chakra in his body it become obviously visible in a swirling spectacle of gold, black and white. As he took a deep breath and the vibrant aura would seemingly fade away. As he lunged forward the ground beneath his feet would shatter as he flew forward at great speed slamming his fist into tree with a six foot diameter with enough force to up root it and knock it over.

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