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    @nicolas huh?)

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    @monroeツ As Xion finished his pushups he went and sat next to Kazumi. He proceed to wipe away the sweat off his face and then asked a question. "So, how are you? I know you just met me but, I would like to know more about you". His feet were in front of him and hi hands were behind him. He was still breathing pretty hard because he worked his tail off in that workout.

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    @soulless_nero死 Ai would continue to half ass his assignment as he felt it was redundant to go over things that he already knew. He wanted to learn something new, something that would make him better in the long run. As he got bored he begin to ponder what the child sitting next to him had stated 'golden glint?' He thought to himself

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    @unruly_ai Nero stared at the paper as the stored information in his brain leaked onto the assignment with the help of his pencil. Sighing loudly before he stared out the window. 'Wonder if Hati will finally come back to the clan..' He sat in thought before finishing the assignment.

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    @soulless_nero死 Ai would look down at the assignment and sigh lightly. 'This is so dull' he though to himself as he grabbed it pencil and began to work on the paper half-assed.

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    @unruly_ai "Well it's custom for three to four man teams.. let's just get this over with." Nero shrugged before beginning the assigned work.

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    @soulless_nero死 "That's true although the part of my family that were Shinobi typically did two man teams but I guess that's rather unusual." Ai would sit back his arms folded across his chest as his closed his eyes.

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    @unruly_ai "Yeah I get what you mean... but that's why they place us in three to four man teams. Everyone has their weak links, but a good team builds past that." Nero sat down beside Ai, like before his presence was nearly disappearing as if he never was there.

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    @soulless_nero死 "Well weaklings like that will not make it far in this world Shinobi or not. So I hope he grow up a bit." As Ai looked out the window he'd hear the shouting. "See what I mean."

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