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  1. Posted by danielson ,

    @spicy_crusader ???

  2. Posted by danielson ,

    @spicy_crusader yeah so can you? Like a lot today and then the next couple of days to? Well like be my personal sender to me on DM? I'll make you an admin in here

  3. Posted by spicy_crusader ,


  4. Posted by danielson ,

    @spicy_crusader cause I'm busy a lot of times so I'm hardly on here so I'm asking if you or someone can send me a lot of them on DM so I can go in there and just look at everything

  5. Posted by spicy_crusader ,

    @danielson Why in DM's?

  6. Posted by danielson ,

    @spicy_crusader of what we post in here

  7. Posted by spicy_crusader ,

    @danielson Of what?

  8. Posted by danielson ,

    @spicy_crusader there and can u send me pics on DM

  9. Posted by spicy_crusader ,

    @danielson Btw, could you please private this chat so it isn't working Terms of Use

  10. Posted by danielson ,

    Need someone to just send me pics on DM of this stuff :) if anyone wants to just start whenever

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