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  1. Posted by skyliyn ,

    What's up guys!!❤️))

  2. Posted by lunar_krenzer_0090 ,

    *i sit in a tree*

  3. Posted by stella325 ,

    @godbolt aww k tag me when u back)

  4. Posted by GodBolt ,


  5. Posted by stella325 ,

    @godbolt a salad and a diet coke

  6. Posted by GodBolt ,

    *he sits in a booth, "what do you want?"*

  7. Posted by stella325 ,

    @godbolt i giggled and went inside

  8. Posted by GodBolt ,

    *Bolt slides off Zephyr and opens the door and acts gracefully bowing, "My lady. "*

  9. Posted by stella325 ,

    @godbolt i smiled"yea"

  10. Posted by GodBolt ,

    *They land at some sort of diner he then looks over at her* "You hungry?"*

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