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  1. Posted by silent_mai ,

    @fangkattalaskis Luna sighed and let's go of his hand. "You don't even understand…" after she said that, she walked away.

  2. Posted by fangkattalaskis ,

    @luna_scar "hmmm ok.. Listen you won't have to hide anything at all especially scars.. Scars show what type of battles you been in"i look away from you as a small part of a scar can be seen near my neck "plus scars show how much of a Badass you really are"i start to chuckle lightly at that and calms down

  3. Posted by silent_mai ,

    @fangkattalaskis Luna stands up. "You didn't upset me…" she said as she tries to hide the scar that's on her eye.

  4. Posted by fangkattalaskis ,

    ,@luna_scar lifts you up and sighs a little "well your not happy at all my bad if I upset you "

  5. Posted by silent_mai ,

    @fangkattalaskis Luna didn't seem to smile as she gently took his hand.

  6. Posted by fangkattalaskis ,

    @luna_scar "OK I shall call you lulu then "looks at you and smiles a bit as I hold my hand out so I can help you up a little

  7. Posted by lucy_the_wolf ,

    Hola people))

  8. Posted by aiko_wolf ,

    @ptephtele Bye Cuddle buddy... I will miss you so much...))

  9. Posted by maxride ,

    @darkness_inside_ falls down "what the hepl?"

  10. Posted by silent_mai ,

    @ptephtele yeah..and okay.. ))

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