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    @michigan Mk, might not reply in the other Rp watching something important))

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    My little cousin name is Jorydan And that little bitch is bad but I love her.||@grimreaper

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    @michigan ahh true))

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    No but those can be gender fluid names. ||@grimreaper

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    @michigan why? Is there a character set for her??))

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    NAME HER PEYTON! Or Jordan, God ~|@grimreaper @slash_hetfield

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    @slash_hetfield “Well im sure ive heard of some girls being called andy, might have been a nickname” she thought for a second as she watched South Park with him “violet? Leah?”

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    He leaned back and turned on South Park as he thought of names.

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    @grimreaper “I never thought of Andy being gender neutral. The only gender neutral name I know of is Dana”

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