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    That's a cool story tho//

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    Was like*//

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    I fell asleep mate, it w spike 3am here//

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    U up

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    @senpai_yowi I found the historical record a archeologist found in Greece about a man named ambrogio that go boons and curses from the greek gods and goddesses. Those gods was hades zeus Hermes Aphrodite and another one i can't remember. And his love of his was his goal he did anything to get to her and before her death zeus told ambrogio she will be with the gods if he drinks her blood till death and he resisted till the last moment and Zeus said you will be with us when someone kills you

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    I'll just be a regualr young king in the rp. You can be the vampire

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    You may tell, then we can RP lol

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    Nice castle idea

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