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  1. Posted by lunarshadow_91 ,

    //I'm back

  2. Posted by wolfguy24 ,


  3. Posted by kaili ,

    @irondragonslayer ok

  4. Posted by kaili ,

    @irondragonslayer oo

  5. Posted by villain_midoriya ,

    @kaili you mind if I just delete this group from my list? I don’t even know how it got here....

  6. Posted by kaili ,

    @irondragonslayer idk

  7. Posted by villain_midoriya ,

    ?????????? how am I even getting notifications for this

  8. Posted by kaili ,

    @lunarshadow idk

  9. Posted by lunarshadow_91 ,

    @kaili //why do the notifications for this app not work?

  10. Posted by kaili ,

    @lunarshadow love you too baby

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