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    It would take me forever to write something though, and I'm good with that//

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    @kaito_miako semi-lits only. No freeformers

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    A little, when I try

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    @kaito_miako arevyou literate?

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    Name: kaito Age: 16 Gender: Male S/O: Straight Height: 5' 11" My backstory: I don't remember anything, just taking a pill and winding up in this city. Muse name: classic Ability: he appears with white wings, it is my profile pic. Moves things with his mind Can only control what he can see. Hand to hand, mimics me.

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    --- Name: Elliot Williams Age: 16 Gender: Male S/O: Straight Height: 5'8 Race: White Personality and Backstory: Elliot grew up without a father, as he died in a mugging by a muse user that still has yet to be identified. He tends to think he knows better than others and will try to prove his point very firmly. This often gets him into fights and made his life hard growing up. The only person that can really see past his angry and prideful exterior is his mother. He's also pretty nerdy and is into things like anime, Star Wars, comics and the like. He's a junior in high school now, but he hardly has any friends, and zero close friends. Muse name: Punk Rock Ability: Punk Rock has the ability to rewind time up to fifteen seconds. Think of it like Tracer's ability to rewind in Overwatch. Punk Rock also is very good at hand to hand combat, as it can be very powerful. The downside is that it can only shadow Elliot's movements and cannot fight on its own.

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