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  1. Posted by supreme_dragon ,

    @valorous thank you human you have my blessing to become royalty

  2. Posted by Valorous ,

    @supreme_dragon Nah you beautiful uwu

  3. Posted by supreme_dragon ,

    @valorous still think I'm a peasant , slave?

  4. Posted by kanaria_68 🌸,


  5. Posted by Valorous ,

    These hoes be privileges to be at my side! DEUS VAULT

  6. Posted by psychopxthicッ ,

    Confirmed that valorous has daddy kinks.

  7. Posted by doxシ ,

    Let him know

  8. Posted by doxシ ,

    You tell em

  9. Posted by Valorous ,

    @yungprodigy There’s no advertising on this app, period.

  10. Posted by YungProdigy ,

    That better?

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