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  1. Posted by reiko_souma reiko_souma_gam30v3r,

    @valorous Love you too...I think. 😅

  2. Posted by Valorous ,

    @reiko_souma Love you 💕💕

  3. Posted by reiko_souma reiko_souma_gam30v3r,

    @valorous RUDE. AREN’T YOU A BAH HUMBUG!

  4. Posted by yo_shi_da ,

    Ohayo guzaimasu ~

  5. Posted by kane_zero ,


  6. Posted by kane_zero ,

    If you dont say

  7. Posted by Valorous ,


  8. Posted by kane_zero ,

    Say that back on the track run for a while. Secondly break time let's eat snack. Third of all good ol' fashioned happiness in love with the way you look the appearance, infatuated with the love given, my heart falling deep incline I'm climbing is steeply higher, her hearts desires are at the top maybe I give up let my heartbeat stop, simpler to say then listen lies, dont blame in guilt or try to tie hoping that you girl dont leave, if you dont I love you that's her pet peeve if she a gold digger theres nothing she shall ever receive

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  10. Posted by xkmjohnson_gam30v3r xkmjohnson_gam30v3r,

    I did say it. 😩

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