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    Fair enough. Although it’s not sexual at all.

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    @differentkindofcomfort sound a bit off

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    Yet nobody asked you.

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    Sounds gsy

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    Greetings! Would you be willing to do a cute roleplay that’s called interspecies adoption? It’s where a non-human species adopts a human child. Anyway, I have the starter and plot in mind. The plot: The plot will be this. A prophecy has been told to either (maleor female) Beerus/Champa/Quitela that their universe will be gone soon. The tournament may even destroy themselves. However, a protege is needed in order for the gods of destruction to live on. They will need to raise a child to train in the arts of Kai and god abilities. Their Angel cannot do it for them. They may help, however, the raising is mainly on the God of Destruction. Now, your character (Beerus and/or Champa) will find my orphan human child character, Michael Hunning, aged seven in a abandoned forest clearing. Believing that this could be the protege they are looking for, they take the child from the planet earth and back to the temple where they will stay and be loved and trained.

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    @ayane_haruko hi

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    Hello again nya~ can i get a hug? I like hugs

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    @chippygirl herro?)

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    @chippygirl @chippygirl im sorry its so sad xD)

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    @chippygirl this is so sad ;-;)

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