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    "Well I figured you come in here everyday and read that same book and order the same drink I figured I'd do you a favour" he slides the drink over to her and smiles softly "that's a good book chapter 6 gets a little crazy but it's good" (I'm beast by the way)

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    Belle was glued onto the book she was reading, reading really did fascinate her. Once she heard someone sit across from her Belle closed her book slightly, smiling at the man. "Oh hello there um do you need anything?" @dfo_marksman

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    Sorry! I was taking a "nap" and I went into sleep mode and mostly slept a lot today XD.))

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    "Thank you very much" he walks over to a small table where belle sat as he took a seat across from her @boiツ **

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    Thank you very much he walks over to a small table where belle sat as he took a seat across from her @boiツ

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    "Certainly." He smiles, before quickly whipping it up. He dances around a little whilst he makes it, a headphone in. With a smile, he pops the sugar cube in, "Here you go sir." @dfo_marksman

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    "I'll take*

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    Adam walked in and walked to the counter "hello" he said softly and smiled I'll take a double double coffee and a tea with 1 lump of sugar

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    Esmer enjoyed what he did. He was a singer and a street performer. That was his talent and what he enjoyed. But, unfortunately, it was not enough to pay the rent. He found a job at a coffee shop, and he's been there ever since. It looks rundown from the outside, but inside its modern and homely, and the coffee is decent too. Ironically, he doesn't like coffee all that much. He's more of a hot chocolate kind of guy. He was cleaning the tables for the second time since his morning shift started and, frankly, he was damn bored. They'd had barely any customers. Just as he thought that, the bell rung by the door, indicating someone's arrival. @generationツ @dfo_marksman @mimi_diaz @boiツ

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