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  1. Posted by chernobog ,

    Ah yes, today’s the day of debate

  2. Posted by NightHawk11234 ,

    @mortui New topic. Free health care. Yay or nay?

  3. Posted by merek ,

    Geeking' being a shit

  4. Posted by chernobog ,

    @princely What is it Koi? //He looked down at the male.-

  5. Posted by tylenol ,

    Im going to jump off this bridge

  6. Posted by NightHawk11234 ,

    Well that sucks

  7. Posted by tylenol ,

    Lemme die.

  8. Posted by NightHawk11234 ,


  9. Posted by aurra boo_buddy_gam30v3r,

    @chernobog Bird.... •The male yawned weakly, patting him.•

  10. Posted by tylenol ,


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