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  1. Posted by djfluffyz ,

    My first day on Geeking I was here. Lmao

  2. Posted by djfluffyz ,

    That is quite a shame

  3. Posted by Gildarts .,

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it has been privated due to a moderator locking it temporarily saying it will be unlocked later on only to find out that they will not unlock it hm i am currently still messaging them about this matter but it seems they have completely ignored me

  4. Posted by Supreme ,

  5. Posted by spare C,

    How did you survive Cayde you got popped by uldren

  6. Posted by misheru B,


  7. Posted by the_canary ,

    This shit is still going on? Yes I know I put myself under it. No I don't care. Go eat a wall Zavala

  8. Posted by nya_nya ,

  9. Posted by nya_nya ,

    Get gamed

  10. Posted by nya_nya ,

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