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  1. Posted by AlasiaMinamoto ,

    @synge80 *I walk back in and tears roll down my cheeks as I walk to the corner*

  2. Posted by Synge80 ,

    @scarlet_inazuma If you will pay close attention I really didn't touch him. I spoke to him as a friend thats all. And if you had spoken to me about it instead of over reacting you would have found me very reasonable.

  3. Posted by xxtinytinaxx ,

    .3. ))

  4. Posted by olivenesss666 ,

    @scarlet_inazuma hey

  5. Posted by AlasiaMinamoto ,

    @olivenesss666 oml hey girl! ~

  6. Posted by olivenesss666 ,


  7. Posted by mute__ ,

    @kogi :3

  8. Posted by Noizs_Trashcan ,

    @exotic -purrs-

  9. Posted by mute__ ,

    @kogi still hugs*

  10. Posted by Noizs_Trashcan ,

    @exotic I'm fine

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