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  1. Posted by inherthigh ,

    Who wants a flying Kung fu kick to the jaw

  2. Posted by memechan ,

    @mad_hatter I must find out now

  3. Posted by ripper_the_gravewalker ,

    @mad_hatter may I have another bottle of vodka

  4. Posted by memechan ,

    @excalibur_3696 Im absolutely positive

  5. Posted by Mad_Hatter 🎩,

    @memechan that character is the answer

  6. Posted by Lord Killer Bee .,

    @memechan are you sure... It is a marvelous song....

  7. Posted by memechan ,

    @mad_hatter Ill admit im curious

  8. Posted by Mad_Hatter 🎩,

    -goes back to cleaning glasses-

  9. Posted by Mad_Hatter 🎩,

    @memechan -shrugs- it's your choice if you want to find out my height

  10. Posted by memechan ,

    @excalibur_3696 No!!

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