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    ((hai @isis445 ))

  2. Posted by isis445 ,


  3. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    ((Kay @shy_spirit_wolf ))

  4. Posted by _DemonLady_ ,

    @bubblepop171_sarahstar bye gtg I'll brb later))

  5. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    ~"hunters coming to hunt exotic species?"~ @shy_spirit_wolf

  6. Posted by _DemonLady_ ,

    @bubblepop171_sarahstar "What do you mean"night of hunting"?"Vextra asks getting more concerned now

  7. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    ~"I stayed because this night was the night of hunting, and I wanted to make sure you two were ok"~ @shy_spirit_wolf

  8. Posted by _DemonLady_ ,

    @bubblepop171_sarahstar ok,bye))

  9. Posted by Iluvsweets ,

    Dude I said stop adding me without asking))

  10. Posted by _DemonLady_ ,

    @bubblepop171_sarahstar "What demon? How do you not know? And why are you here?!"Vextra asks more questions

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