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  1. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    Princess Sarah looked at the ground below, amazed by the view bit still terrified she didn't loosen her grip @phantomlord

  2. Posted by ReaperKing ,

    Thorn smiled as he flew around giving her a scenic view.@sarah_dawn_vixen_hamilton

  3. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    "W-Woah!" @phantomlord

  4. Posted by ReaperKing ,

    Thorn flew into the air and stayed right above the kingdom so the strong wings above the clouds wouldn't knock her off.He circled the kingdom.@sarah_dawn_vixen_hamilton

  5. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    Princess Sarah held on tight @phantomlord

  6. Posted by ReaperKing ,

    Thorn spread his wings and got ready to lift off.@sarah_dawn_vixen_hamilton

  7. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    Princess Sarah gets on @phantomlord

  8. Posted by ReaperKing ,

    "It doesn't matter with me."He said to her.Thorn lowered his body so she could either put on a saddle or get on.@sarah_dawn_vixen_hamilton

  9. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    "What ever is comfortable with ya" @phantomlord

  10. Posted by ReaperKing ,

    "I don't know how comfortable my scales were so if you want to ride,you can either ride like you did yesterday or on a saddle."@sarah_dawn_vixen_hamilton

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