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  1. Posted by Xxshadowxx ,

    The guardian: this power is amazing this power is the power of fear no it the power of Swadhisthana/emotions

  2. Posted by Xxshadowxx ,

    Is this the true power zolk was talking about my human power?

  3. Posted by Xxshadowxx ,

    And it getting bigger and bigger ever single second

  4. Posted by Xxshadowxx ,

    I don't Feel like I am in it not I don't like I am in it))

  5. Posted by Xxshadowxx ,

    What's happening to me? I am in my demon form no I don't like I am in it I don't feel the angry I just feel like a little fire lighted inside of me

  6. Posted by Xxshadowxx ,

    *Before he stabs me the seal breaks and my eyes glow pure red and a red aura start to surround my body and pushes the guardian away from me*

  7. Posted by Xxshadowxx ,

    The guardian: as you wish *appears in front of me and grabs me by the neck and whispers into my ears* Death Shall be upon you *throws me into the ground and summons a Dominic sword and start stabbing me*

  8. Posted by Xxshadowxx ,

    And Who is that??))@hatchet

  9. Posted by hatchet ,

    Just wondering is this inspired by the celena sardethion books😂😂<>

  10. Posted by Xxshadowxx ,

    I don't need to listen to your crab come and fight me don't hide like a coward!

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