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  1. Posted by bio234 ,

    @sarah_dawn_vixen_hamilton ya sorry)

  2. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    ((wouldn't be the first time... @bio_299 ))

  3. Posted by bio234 ,

    @sarah_dawn_vixen_hamilton ya)

  4. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    ((So technically this is dead))

  5. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    "Huh, I better not keep bugging the demon prince huh? I might turn to plant if we wait and talk long enough" Sarah Dawn joked once again with a smug smirk @bio_299

  6. Posted by bio234 ,

    @sarah_dawn_vixen_hamilton its a form not a actuality. I have senteince in that form.

  7. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    "Aren't those the same thing? Then again I've never met either on friendly terms" Sarah Dawn awkwardly laughed as she thought back to a time where her crew got ambushed by a hooded lady with muscular demons by her side. She shivered slightly as she forced herself away from the memory @bio_299

  8. Posted by bio234 ,

    Its one off 3

  9. Posted by bio234 ,

    Its may Shawdo form and its a fallen angel not a demon @sarah_dawn_vixen_hamilton

  10. Posted by Bubblepop171 ,

    "Hehehehhe, yeah Haha good times" Sarah Dawn laughed softly, she rolled her eyes softly and stared into Elric Helmet or Eyes "Then explain to the useless human that form, cause obviously THAT wasn't normal" Her earlier smirk had was bed away when she talked, shes seen lots of stuff on her travels around the seas but not much like that, she soon grew her smirk back for it felt weird not to smile to her as she felt her skin fall off like she was a rotting corpse @bio_299

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