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  1. Posted by loki89 ,

    I often play peter. He's awesome

  2. Posted by desperctelover ,

    Does anyone wanna do a marvel double rp? I’m looking for someone to play peter Parker (tom holland) for my OC and I’ll play anyone for your OC

  3. Posted by loki89 ,

    I honestly don't think I've ever felt this sick in my entire life.

  4. Posted by bobafett117 ,

    Wazzup peeps

  5. Posted by thecharlord ,


  6. Posted by thefangirl ,

    Got a Arrow Rp started, check my page if you want to join

  7. Posted by neonkitsune64 ,

  8. Posted by neonkitsune64 ,

    Loki has been odd ever since ragnarock, great character though

  9. Posted by thefangirl ,

    Loki!!!! (As one of my best frineds would put it)

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