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  1. Posted by noriko ,

    I had fun in this rp. sad to see it die. ||

  2. Posted by noriko ,


  3. Posted by CaffeineMachine ,

    @jinx_star It’s pretty neat

  4. Posted by CaffeineMachine ,

    You know that thing where you were falling from the sky? Yeah like that. Things like that don’t happen as much.

  5. Posted by noriko ,

    Idk how to respond to that,but it's true ))

  6. Posted by CaffeineMachine ,

    And you can really flesh out the details since there’s only one person who’s gonna react to it. @jinx_star

  7. Posted by noriko ,

    That's true @hunterderek ))

  8. Posted by CaffeineMachine ,

    Yeah it feels more controllable, and it doesn’t feel wrong when you’re controlling extra characters. @jinx_star

  9. Posted by noriko ,

    Really? ))

  10. Posted by CaffeineMachine ,

    I tend to prefer one on one RPs too @jinx_star

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