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  1. Posted by Elizabeth_McGarrett ,


  2. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    ||Welcome okay then I'll tag you in the rp and you can read the Aa ||

  3. Posted by FeelinLucky ,

    I am interested.

  4. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    || the rest of the rules and roles are in the actual role play . This is the advertisement. If interested tag me then I'll tag you in the role play. ||

  5. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    || There will be fights in the role play . Romance is encouraged but don't fall in love with someone off the bat . Get to know the person. ||

  6. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    || this is not a supernatural role play . But the characters will have skills that they are really good at ||

  7. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    || the role play is in need of semi to advanced lit people who can write at lease 4+ lines ||

  8. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    || Hello and welcome everyone and anyone who comes to check this out . ||

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