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    Can I join as the recruit or is this dead

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  3. Posted by rire ,

    I tried to be active ;u; //

  4. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    Oh no guess this died;-; ||

  5. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    || @jack_ hello sorry forgot to tag you. Read the Aa please ||

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    Xii crossed his arms idly, mock pouting to himself over the decline of a matching set of clothing between them. He decided to himself he should use the desire and sudden inspiration for a matching set of clothes later when he could truly rest. It was a curse to be creative as he was, especially in such inopportune moments. His head cocked in alert at the words moments later than he should have and noticed his superior was already making way across the wire. Collecting himself he waited until she was fully across before attempting it himself. To keep his mind off his injuries he murmured words to songs he knew and tread carefully. After only one shake in his usually catlike reflexes that caused him to tip dangerously so, he had made it across. "Sorry," Xii began "you know I'm usually much more keen than this, I won't allow these to bother me further." He referred to his scathed hands and lip. Though the chance he was also dealing with a small concussion felt more prominent after such a mediocrity in his preformance . @lunamoonlightツ @rivalnemesis

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    @sexpistols Sure thing.//

  9. Posted by rire ,

    I'll reply now then @rivalnemesis can go if they want!//

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    || @rivalnemesis @sexpistols that be great ^-^ ||

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