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    ill be busy for the rest of today so cya)

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    (you forgot quotes lol)

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    "Another way?" She asks. She jolts up with flames in her eyes. "What's the other way? I wanna help you!" She says.

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    I look up annoyed. "Did I not just say it was irrepairable? Besides, even if I had the patience to start over, This treasure can only be accessed once every few millennia. A short time to the celestial beings that created it but a hundred thousand lifetimes to us tiny, puny, expendable little mortals." Then my eyes light up. "Though... There may be another way."

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    Flustered, she freaks out, before looking back at the map and saying "Sorry! I really didnt mean to." Right hand on her left elbow. "C-can't we try fixing this one?"

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    I bury my head in my arms "It took me years to graph that map. The original is unuseable and incomplete." My muffled voice utters. "I spent every spare moment of my time during my apprenticeship pouring over ancient tomes to learn everything about that treasure, and now the map, the most critical component, is destroyed beyond repair."

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    While all of this is going on, she sits in a tree with her bow at the ready. She's waiting for the rare yellow tailed rabbit. They say if you get it's foot, you could sell it to a merchant for a high price. She only had 50 coins left after purchasing the Black Tipped bow and she did not regret it one bit. A slight movement in the distance catches her eye. "Target spotted. 75 meters. 25 miles per hour." She locks on her target and takes a deep breath. She releases an arrow.

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    "T-treasure?" She says. Even if you was a random person walking by you could see how intrested she is. She looks at the ripped and dusty map, "S-Sorry" she says. "Is it possible to get a new one?" She asks.

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