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  1. Posted by zolphz_30 conmorium_gam30v3r_42,

    ((I'm alive.

  2. Posted by Ticktock_toby ,

    @suture hello?))

  3. Posted by Ticktock_toby ,

    But anyway, I was think maybe a ship with Kaz, as he's the only one I rp.))

  4. Posted by Ticktock_toby ,

    Sorry, I was in class))

  5. Posted by suture ,

    ((Anyways, got the characters and setting in mind?))

  6. Posted by Ticktock_toby ,


  7. Posted by suture ,

    ((I mean it depends, some people assume it's true because in snake eater it's implied that they're both brothers but eh .-. More of a brotherly-like-rivalry.))

  8. Posted by Ticktock_toby ,


  9. Posted by suture ,

    ((Oh damn ._. Alright then, so, about that Ocelot and the Boss ship. You know they're brother's right? Lel))

  10. Posted by Ticktock_toby ,

    Oh I've beaten the game already))

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