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    @boujee Hullo)

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    @sucy„ÉĄ thank you ūüíē

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    @scarlett_adachi ohh i like

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    Name: Kali Age: unknown Height: 5'6 S/O: Bisexual Appearance: in the pic Tattoos: Multiple sigils and along the sides of her body that travel down her thighs, a snake sigil the travels to different parts of her body. Species: Black Witch Familiar: A black cat, Onyx Likes: pastries, chocolate, teaching dark magic to those willing to learn, her familiar, quick learners. Dislikes: Light Magic, snobs. Personality: Protective Sweet Flirty (not towards students.) Loyal Fierce Feisty (Pissing her off is not recommended.) Polite Mischievous Quotes: "Shush I'm teaching." "Don't touch the cat, I'll break your spine." "If one does not have the will to learn, why come here?" "Don't be such a baby, it's a simple spell."

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    @rune_revived yeyy. Our other rp takes priority though haha i worked so ahrd on that one)

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    Jessie will be an ace in dark arts)

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    @sucy„ÉĄ okie I'll make a bio in a sec

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    @scarlett_adachi yiss

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    @sucy„ÉĄ may I be the teacher of dark arts?))

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