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    @frency anything is fine))

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    What kind of pictures?||

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    ____________________________________ ○Full name○ Devon Nikole Devine ____________________________________ ●General Information● ____________________________________ 《•First Name•》     - Devon 《•Middle Name•》    - Nikole 《•Surname•》    - Devine 《•Nicknames•》    -Dev 《•Gender•》     -male 《•Species•》    -Human 《•Birthday•》     -March 27th 《•Age•》     -17 《•Sexual Orientation•》    -Gay ____________________________________ "Sometimes we only see the world as we want it " ____________________________________ ●Physical Appearance● ____________________________________ 《•Skin Tone•》     -Pale 《•Height•》    -5'3 《•Weight•》    -129lbs 《•Hair Colour•》    - 《•Hair Style•》    -Whatever it wants to do 《•Eye Colour•》     -Greenish 《•Dominant Hand•》    -Left 《•Scars•》 -none 《•Tattoos•》    -None 《•Piercing•》    -Ears ____________________________________ ●General Attitude● ____________________________________ 《•Positive Personality•》    -He can be very nice and caring towards people he adores. 《•Negative personality•》    -he will make your life a living hell if you upset him. 《•Likes•》    -Sleep    -Food    -Cuddles    -Hugs 《•Dislikes•》    -Annoying People    -Loud places    -Cats    -Slime 《•Fears•》    - Death    - Heights ____________________________________ "Karma really is a bitch. Isn't it honey?" ____________________________________ "Fuck me" ____________________________________ ●Rating Out of 10● ____________________________________ 《•Intelligence•》 8/10 《•Confidence•》 8/10 《•Wisdom•》 2/10 《•Agility•》 2/10 《•Stamina•》 6/10 《•Strength•》 3/10 《•Cooperation•》 2/10 《•Accuracy •》 2/10 《•Balance•》 6/10 《•Flexibility•》 10/10 ____________________________________ "A little death never killed anybody."

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    @shadow_rawr I'm sorry||

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    @shadow_rawr hi)) where are you in our other rp?))

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    @frency also you too))

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    @daddyツ_ ya gonna send in name and pic??))

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    @brad_minipool_rage ok. Ima add it after school. I could only be on here for so long))

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    @shadow_rawr I wanted to be the weird rich kid. That people like.))

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