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  1. Posted by misticangel5678 ,

    @paperplanes I'm here now))

  2. Posted by shadow_rawr ,

    @james123fd name and pic)) @paperplanes aawwww((

  3. Posted by paperplanes ,

    ((I actually think I’m going to leave this rp, I was wanting to start tonight not tomorrow. Sorry for wasting anyone’s time.))

  4. Posted by paperplanes ,

    @james123fd I guess you’re in, the owners gone to bed))

  5. Posted by paperplanes ,

    @misticangel5678 you here?))

  6. Posted by numbsoul ,


  7. Posted by james123fd ,

    Fuck the password and let me in // zach

  8. Posted by numbsoul ,


  9. Posted by paperplanes ,


  10. Posted by shadow_rawr ,

    @paperplanes pic and name. I'm off to bed @misticangel5678 you're in charge for who joins))

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