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  1. Posted by hisagi_shuhei ,


  2. Posted by apolleyen ,

    @the_red_galaxy_ (i think its dead)

  3. Posted by Ginger_of_the_galaxy ,

    This a break or it dying?))

  4. Posted by ladymika ,

    @awesomemax217 shrugs

  5. Posted by awesomemax217 ,

    @ladymika *whispers* where is everyone

  6. Posted by ladymika ,

    @awesomemax217 zzzzz

  7. Posted by awesomemax217 ,

    *picks him up and goes inside*

  8. Posted by ladymika ,

    @awesomemax217 "Mew!" It then starts dozing off while he rummage around

  9. Posted by awesomemax217 ,

    @ladymika thanks little guy

  10. Posted by ladymika ,

    @awesomemax217 Starts to lick his injuries. The small fluff eventually stops the bleeding.

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