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  1. Posted by hisagi_shuhei ,

    @ladyinoue back))

  2. Posted by shortlegs ,

    @ladyinoue aye))

  3. Posted by ladymika ,

    @shortlegs aye)

  4. Posted by shortlegs ,

    *i sit down by the river and look at the sky* "don't worry. I'll be back soon" *i smile*

  5. Posted by ladymika ,

    @ulquiorra_cifer ok dear))

  6. Posted by shortlegs ,

    *i walk around tired*

  7. Posted by hisagi_shuhei ,

    @ladyinoue I have to go for an hour or 2))

  8. Posted by ladymika ,

  9. Posted by ladymika ,

    I don't know^*

  10. Posted by ladymika ,

    @ulquiorra_cifer "Hmm. I don't the species here but the one that attacked me and captain looked like a dinosaur"

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