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  1. Posted by satanswolf666 ,

    @chantellebabyy hey

  2. Posted by chantellebabyy ,

    i need a dad for an incest roleplay

  3. Posted by satanswolf666 ,

    @analslut hey

  4. Posted by satanswolf666 ,

    @noseyrosie wud

  5. Posted by hellhund ,

    Night not ight

  6. Posted by hellhund ,

    @noseyrosie I'm not the best but I'll tie you down every time and every ight if you want

  7. Posted by Slave666 ,

    @darkbrokensoul sure

  8. Posted by hellhund ,

    Stole you then?@noseyrosie

  9. Posted by hellhund ,

    @noseyrosie can I still you then??

  10. Posted by Slave666 ,

    @darkbrokensoul yeah. I plan to leave him when he comes on next

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