11 Messages  |  4 PEOPLELooking for a dom pokemon futa x sub pokemon futa dm if interested (I'm sub) tell me your pokemon

  1. Posted by theegyptianresort ,

    I want to do a lewd Pokemon rp. Anyone want to try? You're the Pokemon. You can choose your pokemon, but you have to post first. If you want to rp, just post any intro you want. I'll be a scientist/researcher for pokemon, and you can be a wild pokemon. For females, I'm a hermaphrodite. For males, I'm female.

  2. Posted by pokemoncrossoverhero ,

    What is this about? I want to join

  3. Posted by Zombie20 ,

    Any futas I can suck around here?

  4. Posted by hlupy200 ,

    Female looking for a futa to dominate me, I like it rough and have no limits. Please Dm me 😣

  5. Posted by kingwolfie yin_yang_0_gam30v3r,

    @shigomi ?

  6. Posted by charizardman04 ,


  7. Posted by kingwolfie yin_yang_0_gam30v3r,

    @shigomi come on you know you want to

  8. Posted by shigomi ,

    @kingwolfie maybe

  9. Posted by kingwolfie yin_yang_0_gam30v3r,

    @shigomi wanna play?

  10. Posted by shigomi ,


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