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    Ok np@lucy_dragoneel)

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    (Hey sorry I was with the bf then had a morning shift and I’m resting till my afternoon shift. I’ll try to reply tonight)

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    Good afternoon @lucy_dragoneel )

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    Like any king/father he wouldn't allow the marriage nor would he go with the plan unless his daughter can persuade him and even if she can it won't last long due to people in his kingdom being against it and some spies placed by my father. So it won't work even a signed truce can be out ruled or betrayed later. But a marriage will be harder to control unless the other party plans something in secret. But it's the most secure for now. Than I leave the bath house and head to my room.@lucy_dragoneel

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    “A marriage to end this war? I am not the one who you should be speaking to this about. What about my father who is the other pawn in this war. However I do agree that Some sort of arrangement may work, I do not agree to marrying you. You’ll welcome to try and win my heart but you’ll find it harder than it seems. Now I guess I’ll head back to my room as I’m exhausted” Allene turned around, her back to the king, and walked to the door and walking out. She let out a sigh from her lips before she strode off down the hall back to her room.

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    Night @lucy_dragoneel )

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    (Heading to bed, night)

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    My plan is to have a sacred truth between our kingdoms by creating a marriage between our two kingdom I the king of Imparin will gain your heart no matter how cold your heart is now and we will unite our kingdoms together and stop the war. But there's going to be many people who are going to refuse or think I am trying to gain your trust and kingdom through it and even you are going to deny it at first but calling a truce between our kingdom will not solve it two key people must be sacrifices to save the lives of the rest unless you have a better idea ms.princess." As I put on my cloths and finish getting dressed in 2 minutes.@lucy_dragoneel

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    Allene raised an eyebrow as she heard he had a proposal. “Alright, I’m listening king. What is this proposal you have in mind. She now had crossed her arms, this king was trying to end the war? Well it was rather good news that she had heard in a long time about the war. It was a relief someone was doing something to end it, or at least attempt to end.

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    "I'm not that dumb that I don't know that. That's the real reason I kidnapped you in the first place other than for you to feel the pain I felt that day that's why I think we should end this war before our next generations are born so they don't have to experience this. So princess of Lilithia I want to make a deal with you by your answer will depend on the lives of millions."@lucy_dragoneel

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