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  1. Posted by doodlecatsclone ,

    Im looking for a drp partner. I like master x slave stuff...

  2. Posted by differentkindofcomfort ,

    Hi! I’m looking for someone to roleplay as a motherly or Fatherly Sangheili from the Halo games to Adopt my human child character. I will allow nudity and breastfeeding if that’s fine. Please no sex other then that. I have the starter on me so I will start. If you don’t wish to play as them, I have other characters on my bio. If not interested in the other characters, you can play as your own character.

  3. Posted by majinehh ,

    I was here first lol

  4. Posted by majinehh ,

    Awwww really

  5. Posted by loli_sana ,

    Sure thing 😉 @truthless93

  6. Posted by truthless93 ,

    cool dm me to rp@loli_sana

  7. Posted by loli_sana ,

    Im Female

  8. Posted by foxfire ,

    Im male

  9. Posted by foxfire ,


  10. Posted by majinehh ,

    I'm a female

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